P3000 Multi-Point Lock System

The P 3000 multi-point lock system incorporates an American style look with the thumbturn oriented above the handle and the deadbolt operation is independent of the satellite locking points. Available with a multitude of locking options, this system is the premium solution in today's multi-point locking technology. This innovative, patented product is available from Amesbury Hardware Products.

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Tru Lock

Textile Flexible Dust Pad

Amesbury Sealing Products in Statesville, NC announces the addition of a Flexible Dust Pad to their specialty products line. The proprietary backing allows it to conform to uneven or slightly curved surfaces with great adhesion, without sacrificing performance.

Contact Amesbury Sealing Products Customer Service at 888.275.0051 for more information.

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Q-LON Fire Rated Door Seal is an all-inclusive seal that combines the superior performance of Q-Lon to resist air,water and sound penetration with the fire and smoke protection provided by Category G and H rated gaskets. This patent pending product is available from Schlegel, an Amesbury Company.

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TRU-LOCK® multi-point lock system increases home security and allows homeowners to choose their decorative hardware. This innovative, patented product is available from Amesbury Hardware Products.

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Foam-Tite® C2

Sealing Products is proud to offer an advancement to their patented Foam-Tite process with C2 Continuous Seal. C2 is a kerf mounted foam product specifically designed for casement window applications.

C2 runs continuously through all four corners of a casement window eliminating the need for mitering or welding entirely, which means no leaks and reduced closing force! This product is available from Foam-Tite.

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Amesbury CForce

New Constant Force Balances improve operation for heavier and larger windows. The Centurion 10,11 and 12lb and the Universal 10lb constant force balances reduce costs by keeping within a single or double coil assemblies longer. These heavy weight options available from Amesbury Hardware Products.

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Extruded Products New Facility

Amesbury Extruded Products has opened its newest production facility in Covington, GA. This new location will allow more flexibility in freight savings and logistics for our customers and allow us continued growth into new markets as part of our strategic growth plans.

Amesbury Extruded Products also has manufacturing facilities in Cannon Falls, MN and Ontario, CA.

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Sealing Products, Textile offers a pile product that incorporates a low durometer co-extruded layer with the G2-Loc extruded backer. The friction fit generates positive retention and eliminates the weather-stripping from falling out during the fabrication process. G2-Loc can be inserted by hand or by an automated process. This product is available from Textile.

Call 1-888-275-0051 for more information.

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Hardware Products

High quality door and window hardware for residential and commercial markets. Leading supplier of balance systems, patio and entry door hardware, and window hardware and locks with locations in Statesville, NC, Canton, SD and Sioux Falls, SD.

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For additional door and window hardware options, please visit www.truth.com. The Amesbury Truth Business has a complete line of products and services for door and window manufacturers.

Sealing Products

Foam-Tite® specializes in designing and manufacturing high quality seals in standard and custom configurations for the fenestration industry. Foam-Tite’s® brand is recognized as best in class. Foam-Tite® is located in Amesbury, MA.

Textile offers quality woven pile and fin weatherstripping, G2 extruded pile and anti-microbial pile weatherstrip. Textile is located in Statesville, NC.

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Extruded Products

High quality custom thermoplastic extrusions specializing in multi-durometer profiles. Extruded Products has locations in Cannon Falls, MN and Ontario, CA.

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An Amesbury Company

Manufacturer of urethane foam, plastic and textile weatherstripping for windows and doors and the transportation and copier industries. Schlegel’s Q-LON® brand is recognized as best in class. Schlegel is located in Rochester, NY.

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Bandlock Products

A multi-durometer extruder and coupler manufacturer for the fenestration and building industry as well as industrial OEM’s. Bandlock is located in Ontario, CA.

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Specialty Products

Transportation products for the automotive, aerospace, marine, and recreational vehicle industries. Printing industry products provide innovative solutions for all types of design challenges. Woven pile carpet strips for entry mat systems. These products available from Schlegel, Rochester, NY.

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A multi-dimensional, one-stop shop for the commercial construction industry with experienced engineering, responsive manufacturing and reliable service. Amesbury commercial products offer the ability to innovate and solve unique problems in manufacturing, fulfillment and application.

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Amesbury (located in Amesbury, Massachusetts) manufactures weather stripping products. Amesbury offers door hardware, weather seals, window and door components.

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Tyman, plc the parent company of Amesbury has completed the acquisition of Truth Hardware

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QWFR Intumescent Seals

Schlegel, An Amesbury company introduces the first ever door seal with a patent pending intumescent foam that meets a Category G Edge Seal.

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C2 Continuous Seal

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